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Jesus #27, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, 37700

San Miguel de Allende has become a portal to all those adventurous people wishing to change their lives, embrace a new culture, and live in quiet and safe surroundings, which are definitely at a premium in our world today.

If you are one of those individuals longing to join the many ex-pats, from all over the world, who have made San Miguel de Allende their new home, let me introduce you to another portal—PORTAL REAL ESTATE.

PORTAL REAL ESTATE is a company that was created by one of San Miguel’s young entrepreneurs, Evaristo Garcia Jimenez, to provide honest answers and assistance to anyone seeking to buy, build, or just rent an apartment for their new life in this beautiful city.

The bilingual staff at PORTAL will help educate you in what information is most valuable when purchasing, building, or renting property in a foreign country. They will provide:

    Assistance in obtaining your FM3 and FM2
    Legal Services

They will gladly show you properties in San Miguel and, if you are interested in country living, they will take you to lovely houses or ranchos in the outlying areas of the city. They have listings for:

    Homes sites
    Homes to Remodel
    Homes in Gated Communities/Developments

After your purchase or rent a property they can provide you with a list of fine, reliable craftsman, they are personally familiar with, who will provide free estimates on remodeling and/or construction. If you are in need of House Management they will also take care of this need. PORTAL will provide documents verifying clear deeds and permits to purchase so that you can have peace of mind that someone is truly working with as you start your new adventure.

So, as you step through San Miguel de Allende’s portal, take one more step into

PORTAL REAL ESTATE. You will very happy that you did.

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Email:  evaristogj@yahoo.com.mx
Address:  Jesus 27, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato
Phone:  (415) 152 5232
Mobile:  4151014511

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